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This page is meant to explore and coordinate the possibility of weekly phone (skype) meetings for ambassadors. Comments? Suggested times?

Andrew: I propose Thursdays, about 1 pm Eastern time, making it early evening in Europe.

Melissa: Sure. My schedule revolves around iGEM so whatever all of you choose is fine with me

Jonas: Sounds fine for me.

Robin: Great.

Tamara: Sorry, but Tuesdays would definitely be better for me.

James: Keen as the keenest mustard

Andrew: What the heck is keen mustard? Does Tuesday, 1 pm Eastern, work for everyone? Hope so. Unless I hear otherwise, let's plan on this beginning next week.

Jonas: Glad that also canadians have problems understanding englishmen... Tuesday works for me. Could you (andrew) send out a mail before with a reminder and the exact time and procedure? Do we just have to call you and you handle the rest?

Andrew: I've sent out a reminder for today's meeting. I can only connect 5 people at a time with Skype, a limitation.

See Ambassador Teleconferences for more information.

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