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Friday July 28th, 1pm onwards - Room 124, The Stata Center, MIT

Schedule (Flexible)

1pm - Registration & Pizza Lunch

2pm - Team Updates

  • BU
  • Brown
  • Harvard
  • MIT

3pm - Ambassador Update

3.30pm - Workshop & Discussion +Refreshments

5pm - Randy Rettberg + Group Discussion

6pm - Close

Optional - 6.30pm - Dinner

Friday will see the first NE regional meet-up, with the four local teams coming together for an afternoon intended to strengthen the iGEM community's links, discuss projects and share experinces so far. The afternoon will be very informal and relaxed with a meet-and-greet lunch followed by short 10-15 minute presentations covering ideas and progress so far.

The afternoon will continue with a ambassador update, detailing soe of the experinces around the globe, before Randy Rettberg talks about all things iGEM. We'll then have some discussion relating to matters within iGEM that people want to raise such as the Jamboree, fundraising, publicity and next year for example, before concluding for the afternoon. Dinner is also an option and all are welcome to stay on and eat out.

All students, staff and facualty are invited.

For further information contact James Brown

iGEM will be providing lunch and refreshments. Dinner is optional and at one's own expense

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