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On the 24th and 25th of July, The Edinburgh team and our instructor Chris French, made a trip down to Cambridge to meet up with the Cambridge and Imperial College IGEM teams. The purpose of this trip was to present what we have accomplished so far and to see how the other UK teams are progressing. On the Monday afternoon, we arrived late due to the train breaking down, but still had time for the presentations, followed by the "mystery challenge".

This consisted of building a boat from some simple materials provided that could cross the Cam. We were provided with card, tape, Popsicle sticks, batteries and electric motors, among other things. We had an hour to complete the challenge... The entertaining results can be seen on the Cambridge website: here.

After the challenge, we were treated to a meal by the Cambridge team in a nice restaurant called Ask. This provided a good opportunity to socialise with the Cambridge and ICL teams and to informally discuss progress, backgrounds etc...

The following morning, we met up with the Cambridge team to go punting on the Cam. This was a great activity, watching people learn how to punt, nearly falling into the river and climbing over bridges. The experience was great fun and we are looking forward to receiving the Cambridge and ICL teams here in Edinburgh, hopefully during the festival!


Edinburgh presentation
Boat making session
The orange team
The green team
The yellow team
And everyone together...
The moment of truth
And results!
The victorious team
Punting on the Cam
Sree and Xueni enjoying a quiet boat ride
Sree and Nick with Kim doing all the hard work!
Nick and Xueni from the Cambridge team
Bryony enjoying the ride
Kim in his natural environment
Farid holding the show together
The bridge before Kim
Kim's acrobatics 1
Kim's acrobatics 2
Kim left high and dry
Patrick doing the hard work
Jelena, Charles and Farid
Jude punting in the deepest part of the Cam
Liz from the Cambridge team
Farid's turn with the punt
Farid - guess whats missing?

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