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Last Status

Giorgia, 2005.09.12: I just wanted to inform you that I did not receive the box yet. I called DHL, and they assured that it will be here today. So, this week we are going to transform and isolate the plasmids we are interested in. From next week on, we are going to start seriously to clone and we will need more people in the lab. I will prepare a timetable for the lab work, so that it will be possible for everybody to sign in for cloning or to see where we stand.

Dates and Times

Day Tasks Times Helpers (add your name) Comments
Tue, 09.13 None (Testdata) 08:00-11:00, 12:30-17:00 Nobody 1, Nobody 2, Nobody 3 Box not here yet. In CLA H11.1.

Logs and Protocols

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