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modular scripts

Each file contains a createXXX() script for the device it contains. The created program object contains:

  • function handles for reaction rates: r
  • stoichiometric matrix: N
  • constants (inside of the function handles)
  • state (concentration) changes (the ode dy values) can be computed by: N · r

The modules can then be "connected" using the createInOutConnector() function. The result is again a device object, consisting of the connected basic device objects. sim_1_1 and sim_1_2 can be used to simulate devices with 1 input/1 output and 1 input/2 outputs respectively, both basic and composite devices.

simulations contains the first examples, simulating

All scripts: (<0.1M)

older scripts

unzip the file, each zip file contains 2 files: sim_xxx.m and ode_xxx.m.

ode_xxx.m : contains the differential equations, i.e. the model
sim_xxx.m : sets the parameters, calls the simulator and plots the result (this is the one to run, but the other is also needed).

As a result of the meeting on August 17, we will from now on concentrate on the AND versions 2 and 3.


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