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The idea of this questionnaire is to gather information and opinions about iGEM 2006 in order to make iGEM 2007 more successful.

Open issues:

  • Is it a good idea to do an evaluation?
  • We need to have a small number of good questions...
  • We need a way to evaluate the questions. Our idea is to give 1 to 5 points (1 for 'worst' and 5 for 'best')
  • We need to decide who the evaluation is meant for (instructors or students or both? Have a different form for instructors and students?
  • How do we deliver the questions? (Online form? Printed versions?)
  • Do we do the evaluation before or after the jamboree?


Suggested Questions

General experience

  • In general, was iGEM a good experience?
  • Does iGEM help to get to know the field of Synthetic Biology?
  • How many of your team members are considering an academic future in the field of Synthetic Biology?
  • General remarks

Ambassador Program


  • How many did you have?
  • How many ambassadors were there? Which ambassadors?
  • How long was the visit?
  • Was the visit useful?
  • Was the visit needed?


  • Was the ambassador ‘engagiert’ (dedicated?)?
  • Was the ambassador ‘kompetent’ (competent?)? (biologically, engineering, iGEM-organisation)
  • Did you feel you had a enjoyable relationship with your ambassador (personally/professionally)

Service and Availability

Were questions answered in time by the ambassadors? Did you get help with administrative issues quickly (e.g. visa)?

General remarks

iGEM central organization

  • Have you received sufficient information during the summer competition (mails, wiki, ambassadors)? Too much?
  • Were you informed in time?
  • Were your questions answered in time? (questions to MIT, not ambassadors)
  • Were the answers to your questions useful? (questions MIT, not ambassadors)
  • Did you find the information needed on the iGEM Web Page?

Registry and Biobrick Delivery

  • Was the Registry easy to use?
  • Was the registry well documented?
  • Does the registry offer the appropriate tools?
  • Was useful help available? On the web page? By FAQs? By asking the ambassadors or the Registry people?
  • (more questions on specific features/bugs/shortcomings) standard assembly, search functions, part pages, ...
  • Were the biobricks delivered at the right time?
  • Were the biobricks well documented?
  • Did you get help with questions about the BioBricks?


  • Did you use the iGEM Wiki or your own Wiki?
  • Did you use the Wiki from the start? When dod you start using it?
  • For what purposes did you use the Wiki? Team communication/organization, Project documentation, Information source for outsiders (media, sponsors)
  • Do you think that having a basic structure prepared would have made it easier to start using the Wiki?
  • Did you visit other team’s Wikis?
  • Do you think a Wiki is a useful tool for iGEM?
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