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Current draft design (first page):



Distribution and timescale

How often should a new newsletter be produced?

  • I expect this to be content driven. I have created an Adobe Indesign page layout that allows new issues to be formatted very quickly. If there is enough new material to push out that is relevant, we can get it out. (Andrew)

How should it be produced delivered?

  • I have formatted the document for PDF production, but it can also be printed on 11 by 17 sheets. This would allow small print runs to have hardcopies to hand out, etc. (Andrew)

General formatting

What do you think the 'feel' of the newsletter should be?

  • professional style with lots of imagery, but different content from the wiki (else why read it). Definitely keeping it student oriented, and informational. (Andrew)

Articles and authors

Post your name and specific article ideas here!

  • "PI/instructor interviews" (Andrew)
  • "features on different teams from ambassadors" (Andrew)
  • "Student reviews of last year's Jamboree" (Melissa)
  • Wired "Found-Artifacts from the future-type images" - photoshop hacks that illustrate possibilities from a synthetic biological future. See here for an example. (Andrew)
  • "Synthetic Biology: A New Hope" - new technologies enabled by synthetic biology, maybe highlighting the work by some iGEM participating schools? (Melissa)

Photos and Graphics

Post your ideas for graphics and photos (modified or unmodified) for the newsletter here

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