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Members Latin American Team

Dr Raul Cuero,(PhD)


Dr. Raul Cuero, (PhD), Microbiologist, Distinguished Professor.Research Leader, Scientist and Contact Person for Prairie View A&M University iGEM 2006 group. Dr Cuero holds 8 scientific inventions and more than 90 scientific publications.Dr Cuero is currently working on fungal toxins at the molecular level, and on biogenesis. He is also the author of the book "Triumph and Survival".



Dr Raul Cuero


Eng. Orlando Rincon, Colombia.


AlexQ.jpg Alex Quintero Yanes

Alex Armando Quintero Yanes raised up in Buenaventura, Colombia. Member of the program LEARNING BY DOING IT since he was 16 years old. At his 21 years old Alex courses sciences in La Univerisdad de Los Andes at Bogota, Colombia.

JoseAntonio.jpg Jose A. Valencia-Castellanos

My name is Jose Antonio Valencia-Castellanos. I am a Systems Engineer and Computer Science student at Pontificia Universidad Javeriana in Cali, Colombia. I am really excited about joining the Latin American Group for this competition because it is an opportunity for researchers from the called “third world countries” to get actively involved in cutting edge fields such as Synthetic Biology. I hope our involvement sets the foundation stone for a Latin American Community that will explore and develop inspiring research projects in this field. All my of my research work has been related to bioinformatics so far. I started my academic training in bioinformatics at McGill University during my exchange year. Afterwards I worked as a Research Assistant for Professor Michael Hallett at the McGill Centre for Bioinformatics. During this time, I was involved in a large project on identifying regulatory sub networks in Interaction Networks. This work was the basis of my undergraduate thesis that I will present soon at my home university. Last but not least important, I would like to express my strong motivation for what we are about to explore in this competition. I am looking forward to use my knowledge and experience in Bioinformatics to develop something interesting and challenging in Synthetic Biology.

Claudia.jpg Claudia Guevara

Claudia is from Colombia and is a Graduate, Microbiology.

E-mail :

0001.jpg Pilar Guevara

Pilar is from Colombia and is a Graduate, Industrial Design

CarlosRincon.jpg Carlos Rincon

Carlos is from Buenaventura, Colombia. He is an undergraduate in Computational Science.

SandraMilena.jpg Sandra Garcia

Is from Bogotá, Colombia. She's an undergraduate Microbiology.

Carolina.jpg Carolina Ospina

Carolina is a Junior at Jefferson High School, Colombia.

Daniela Estrada


Daniela is Junior at Jefferson High School, Colombia.


Orlando is a Computer Engineer and Software Designer& Producer and is President of Parque SOFT Columbia Company. He is also an Instructor for the Latin iGEM Team 2006. Systems Engineer with undergraduate studies in Anthropology. During the last 20 years he has participated in research projects in 5 international Computer Science laboratories and has led research teams in design and software development in Colombia. He has inspired and led initiatives for enterprise incubators of technological base, as well as Marketing and Business Support processes for the expansion of the Colombian Software Industry throughout Latin America. Mr. Rincon is a national and international consultant in Software Development and IT Solutions Technology.

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