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  • Registry Workshop - Powerpoint slides describing how to add a part with fictional example which includes links to the regitsry-hosted 'real' parts (Click 'S' or the part names for links). Ideally done with entire team - toward the end they are given a generic system to design and present to the other sub-teams at the workshop.--Jamesbrown 10:29, 24 July 2006 (EDT)

Slides for Ambassador Presentations, Robin, 02 September 2006

  • Introduction to Synthetic Biology - The vision and the foundations of Synthetic Biology. This presentation is based on the article "Foundations of Engineering Biology" by Drew Endy and the article Organismen vom Reissbrett published in the Swiss Newspaper NZZ. My notes to explain these slides can be found here.
  • Counting to infinity - A presentation of the ETH 2005 project. Please write me an email if you need the slides.
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