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About Noughts-and-Crosses


Noughts-and-Crosses (a.k.a. Tic-Tac-Toe) is widely known board game. We call this "Sanmoku-Narabe"「三目並べ」 in Japanese.

Our project is to make this Noughts-and-Crosses in vivo.

SYANAC Introduction

  • 3x3 Squares
  • SYANAC and Human take turns to draw Os or X s.
  • One who completes a row of three Win the game.

In case of SYANAC, we put E.Coli transformants (each has a function encoded in a plasmid) in every square.


SYANAC is named after Japanese famous woodbrick print master, Toshusai Sharaku. Sharaku(Wikipedia)


Implementation Example
  • Inputs
    • Chemicals
      • To indicate each square
      • To be spreaded into all squares.
  • Outputs
    • Reporter of SYANAC: GFP
    • Reporter of Human: RFP

How to play with SYANAC?

How to Play with SYANAC (.ppt 868KB ver.1031)

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