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Robert Loughlin

Robert Loughlin
Hi my name is Ed Burrrows. Look at my 8 crab claws. If you ever want to fight me, just remember this: my ribosomes are efficient, my glycoproteins impregnable, and my nuclear membranes impenetrable. Therefore, my cells will die on their own before you have a chance to fight me.

I am a very interesting crustacean.

I have three beautiful offspring and a wonderful small-clawed wife who is a cell biologist and patent agent. My hobbies include cleaning my primary claw and eating. The truth is, I have far too many hobbies to list here! I play fiddle as more than a hobby, but less than a profession. My genus, after all is 'fiddler'. I love to catch exotic animals in my claw and eat them. I especially like to clip off their appendages first so that they can't escape. I enjoy the athletics I can still do such as rollerblading and weight training, although since I have 8 legs, these hobbies are quite expensive. My tastes in music are eclectic and all-encompassing, ranging from water music to pop rock. My tastes in movies are similarly eclectic and all-encompassing ranging from pirate movies to romantic comedies with a seafaring theme. I like to think that instead of preferring one type of something, I enjoy variety. I occasionally relax by blowing bubbles out of my large mouth and waving my primary claw in the air. Photography is another passion of mine although pictures don't seem to survive in a brackish humid environment. Bookstores and electronics/computer stores are weaknesses of mine. Paper tastes especially good if it is fresh. My family owns an undetermined number of books, VCR-taped movies, DVDs, music CDs and even vinyl. What to do with all that media, especially since electronics do not seem to work well underwater.....

Although I have a million and one interests, my passion has always been Science. I knew from a very young age that I wanted to be an 'inventor' of some sort, took a side road as a crab technician in High School, but then realized in college that my true dream was to become an academic uca.

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