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I am a grad student at NCBS, Bangalore working in Mukund's lab. We are interested in understanding design principles of existing genetic networks, using E .coli as a model system.My work involves development of fluorescence based tools for quantitative measurement of network components in single cells. I am also studying switching dynamics of feedforward and feedback circuits.

Mukund conducted a course : Synthetic Systems Biology(SSB) at NCBS to introduce NCBS students to the emerging field of synthetic biology and to iGEM. The course participants were divided into three groups, each group working on a synthetic biology project.

I am part of the group that is working on a synthetic circuit to achieve synchronization of cell cycles in a bacterial population.

Contact Info

Your Name: Sugat Dabholkar


        National Centre for Biological Sciences
        GKVK Campus
        Bellary Road
        Bangalore -560065.    


My Team NCBS_Bangalore_2006


Major :Microbiology

Year: 2004

Institute: Abasaheb Garware College,Pune.

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