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To all students and Mentors



Lets get this ball rolling. First we all have to stay way in touch. That means constantly brainstorming new ideas and getting the hang of the registry parts.

Our meetings have been set for Tuesdays at 11:00am at dates to be determined and posted.


Its important that everyone gets to understand the use of the registry, so keep brosing and if you have questions contact Laina or Dr Cuero.

Bench Work

This coming week we will be starting to transform the DNA that was sent out out to us and making stocks.


7/26/06- Plated BBa_I13500(pSB1A2) B0034 E0040

11M BBa_I0462(pSB1AK3) lux pRR0062 tetRQ04400 Q04122 Q04510 B0034 luxIC0061 B0015 lux pLR0063

11L BBa_S01931(pSB1A2) B0034 luxrC0062 B0015

13M BBa_Q04511(pSB2K3) B0034 cI lamC0051 B0015 cI+luxRR0065

10M BBa_I15004(pSB3K3) B0015 lacI+pLR0011 B0034 cI lamC0051 F1610 tetRR0040 LuxRI0462

The plasmids have been incubated according to the conditions stipulated , 37 degrees Celsius and kept overnight.

More plasmids are going to be plated and put into stocks. We begin transformations next Monday. Our focus is on the lux gene and any sulfur coding regions that we have determined from our readings.

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