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This page should serve as a resource for the participants in the IGEM Ambassador Program to internally share ideas, organize ourselves, and reduce redundant email traffic.


School-Primary Ambassador Summary

Click here for ambassador assignments

Potential iGEM Artwork/Logos

Hey guys, I had a few spare hours free this evening and since I'm set to plunge into revision for the coming month I figured I'd have a shot at a potential logo for the competition before the work takes over; comments very welcome, see what you think of the first draft, click here for full version:

James, 01/04/06

Logo small.gif Comments:

hahahaha great stuff! It's got my vote....could you make the 'i' a little darker though? --melissa
Nice work! I like it. And I agree with Melissa- I think the 'i' should stand out some more. --Meaganl 18:09, 3 April 2006 (EDT)}

My favorite part of the logo is the gear, the rest is very busy. I wanted to create something simpler that kept the gear motif, but make it from 'bacteria'. --Ahessel 19:53, 7 April 2006 (EDT)


I agree Andrew - the first draft is far too busy. I like the idea of simple design and minimal color scheme - if we intend to use this for stationary, promotion, T-shirts etc. simple and stylist is good. I know what you mean about the gear motif - it is striking and in a way kinda has a reference to a biobrick-containing plasmid.

I've spebt far too much time on fieworks and come up with far too many alternatives/tweaks to mine and Andrew's attempts so far. May as well throw them up now to gather people's opinion. Some have promise, others are just darn right OTT. They do illustrate a few minor features that could be thrown together to get it just right thou.

Personally I like "simple 3" and the "olympic gears" James 10/04/06


Simple 1


Simple 2


Simple 3


Olympic Gears







--Meaganl 13:41, 10 April 2006 (EDT) I did like that James's original idea had both the cell and the gear so I came up with this. It's in the "skeleton" stage as I think there could be a bit more going on with the cell. And now that I see the others I think I like the wider font for the text.
Logo2 skeleton.jpg

Meetings in Boston (28th-30th of march)

Ambassador march 31 06.JPG

Andrew Hessel, Melissa Li, Jonas Nart, Reshma Shetty, MIT, March 31, 2006 Photo: R. Rettberg

Some Ambassadors will be in Boston at the end of march, to dicuss topics related to the ambassador program. Stuff related to this is on meetings in march.


The ambassadors other plans for spring/summer (where they are, what they're doing, and how much time they can invest in the ambassador program). Please add your information, so we get an overview for planning.

March April May June July August September October November December
Jonas Nart Michigan, some time lots of time lots of time learning, some time learning, some time learning, some time exams(?), not so much time exams, not so much time more time more time
Andrew passport.jpg Andrew Hessel Cambridge, full time full time full time full time full time holiday end of August (BRC) full time full time full time full time
Tamara Ulrich exams (no time) lots of time beside lectures lots of time beside lectures (no time in the first half) lots of time beside lectures no time second half lots of time lots of time beside learning lots of time beside learning time during weekends time during weekends
Melissa Li classes, grad school visits classes, grad school visits exams (bad!) full-time full-time full-time -> start grad school late August classes classes classes classes
James Brown classes Masters Project Exams Exams Lots of free time full-time full-time full-time classes - some time

-> start grad school early Oct

classes - some time classes - some time
Robin exams part time part time part time part time, unavailable from 18th to 25th some time, learning some time, exams some time, exams part time part time
Reshma Shetty some time ----->
Meagan Lizarazo very little time very little time very little time part-time ----->
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Ambassador School Selections

Please indicate which schools you intend to take primary responsibility for as well as any secondary preferences. Negotiate as required. Nothing is fixed in stone.

general remarks

I think it doesn't make sense for me to fill in my name in some random american schools, since it doesn't really make a difference for me if I end up with Duke or Penn state. We have to see how many european schools participate, to see how much of your presence is required there. Otherwise, i'd also like to see Japan jonas 10:53, 25 Feb 2006 (EST)

I'm certainly willing to take one of the European schools, but as there are nearly no schools from Europe yet (I really hope this is going to change), I'm also perfectly happy with travelling a little further. I'd very much like to go to Asia (especially Japan), and I'd also do some schools from America (and Canada), if there are too many schools for too few US ambassadors. Tamara 10:11, 26 Feb 2006 (UTC).

I am prepared to cover as many North American schools as necessary but will probably act mainly as a secondary for european schools. Dibs on Singapore, though. --Ahessel 12:38, 27 Feb 2006 (EST)

I guess that for new continental european schools, we just put in our names (the ETH guys), without setting prejudices who actually takes these teams. I did this for Ljubljana. jonas 16:41, 1 March 2006 (EST)

I am very flexible. It makes sense for Jonas, Tamara and me to do European schools. For me, a special preference would be NCBS Bangalore. -- Robin

I'd really like to see Montreal and Toronto! I wonder if we could coax any teams out of Australia/NZ (not to mention more European schools)...I heard they have some great engineering programs there but I'm not so sure about their biology programs? -- Melissa Li

We have space for people to crash if they want to visit Toronto. :) --Ahessel 20:35, 21 March 2006 (EST)

Global Distribution of Teams

Click for world map showing locations of iGEM 2006 teams

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