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General Meeting 7/26/06

Meeting started 4:10 pm.

I. General

a. James Brown is hosting a Boston Area iGEM group Meet-Upon Friday. It's at 1pm and includes lunch, at MIT, and goes until dinner if you want. Please send him an e-mail if you want to go, and let him know if he should sign you up for dinner. Mac, Christine and Alex will be meeting on Thursday to talk about our group's brief presentation. If you'll be going, find out from Mac when/where that meeting will take place. This should be a fun event and it will be a chance to check out the home of iGEM at MIT.
b. Team C made a great presentation about the Biobrick Ends challenges, their solutions and protocols. Melissa showed a power point presentation on their progress, which other groups may want to adopt when presenting their work.
c. Alec reported that Team B has been practicing a lot of lab procedures and working on protocols.
d. Alex reported that Team D has been working on developing a PCR-based mutagenesis protocol as suggested by Tim Gardner. One of the benefits of doing the mutations this way, besides saving money, is that it is an open process, rather than a proprietary one, like using the Stratagene kit.

Next Meeting: Wednesday August 2, 4:00 pm, Ingalls

Meeting adjourned; group went to go see the LUX working with Mac

General Meeting 7/19/06

Meeting started 4:10 pm.

I. General

a. Some people have been missing meetings b/c they didn't know it was scheduled or forgot.
i. Meeting reminders will be sent to Google Groups email as reminders.
b. We'd like to have research group make more formal, detailed presentations to the group so that we're all learning.
i. Melissa's group (Team C) will make a presentation at the next general meeting about their research group's work.
c. We'd like to have old minutes posted on the wiki.
i. We will ask Omer to post them.

II. Supplies/Lab materials

a. Melissa reports that Mac has reviewed our list of needed materials with Gardner.
b. Gardner stated that we will be able to use CAB supplies for all the routine, inexpensive materials.
c. Those materials that we will be unable to use from CAB have been ordered by Mac.
d. Gardner has an idea for a less expensive method for the Mutagenesis so hold on ordering expensive kit.

III. DNA materials

a. Melissa reports that Mac grew liquid stock of the LUX operon and it glows!
b. Some members would like experience in this procedure and Melissa believes it would be easy and inexpensive for other members to perform this step.
c. Mac asked Melissa to mini-prep it, which her group will do.

IV. Lab coordination

a. We can begin working in the CAB and it seems research teams are ready to begin.
b. There is a question about if all research team leaders have all the same info and also if it's wise to have team leaders go into CAB seperately and just begin working given that they may be nervous about undergrads being in there.
i. We decided that Team Leaders should meet to discuss lab coordination and schedule a time to go to CAB staff/director to introduce all team leaders and get oriented there especially regarding where supplies are located (or any CAB specific procedures/preferences to be followed).

Next Meeting Wednesday July 26, 4:00 pm, Ingalls

Meeting adjourned at 4:32 pm.

General Meeting 6/13/06

Meeting started at 6:29 pm.

I. General

a. James Brown came on Monday
b. We have a lot of people on our team (15 to 20)
i. Need to work in shifts in lab
1. Determine how many man hours we have available per week
2. may do multiple projects in parallel
c. Reporting Meeting
i. Team leaders need to write up meetings email them/post them to wiki
1. May create a form for team leaders to fill out
2. Email that meeting synopsis has been posted to wiki
3. Posting Gen Body Minutes on Wiki may not be necessary because its too long etc.

II. Research Committee

a. A comp. sci. major interested in helping organize the wiki
b. Proposal  what research aspects need to be in proposal
i. Object to be most eloquent
c. For proposal only doing night light idea
d. Chemotaxis/toggle switch not main idea, but can have small sub section
e. Research aspect as far as proposal is done. Can now move into more advanced ideas
f. Meeting about what lux operon is/find out practical details would take place (if necessary) after meeting on Thursday 6/15/06.

III. Lab Management

a. Kevin to meet with Prof on Thursday to talk about lab space
b. Need a fridge
c. When are we to order tools  Thursday (6/15) putting together a list of things we need immediately
d. Lab training  may need our own tools: agar plates, pipettes etc
e. Gardner’s money will probably be used through his lab ie we order what we need through his lab
f. Kevin will talk to Gardner and will schedule training.

IV. Proposal Committee: Next meeting Friday 12 pm (bring lunch to the meeting)

a. At last meeting, it was decided to join the fundraising and proposal teams temporarily
b. Two proposals need to get done: Funds and presentation
c. Executive Summary  first part of fundraising proposal to get done before next meeting
d. Need to write it up and work on sample diagrams, and prove what we want to do will work
e. Decided that it needs be 3 to 5 pages; not as detailed as the report we will write later on
f. Basic timeline: going to be doing this past summer; we would be in lab from about 9 am to 9 pm.

V. Fundraising committee

a. $1000 grant from Gardner and have list of people of whom to contact once proposal is done

Next Meeting Tuesday 6:15 pm 44 Cummington
Reading Meeting on 6/15/06 4:30 – 6:30 pm in Ingalls

Meeting adjourned at 7:33 pm.

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