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These books are online at ncbi (searchable, but not directly browseable):




VecScreen has a list of all the vector nucleotide sequences in ncbi.
VectorDB contains annotations and sequence information for many vectors (2600+) commonly used in molecular biology.
PlasMapper generates sweet annotated vector-based plasmid maps from a web interface.


Why didn't the Registry include empty resistance plasmids in the DNA shipment?
Check the Registry FAQ.
Standard Assembly 
the basics of building and manipulating Parts, including details about XbaI and SpeI, the restriction enzymes that are the basis of these operations.
RBS-CDS design issues 
how the ribosomal binding site is reconciled with the location of the BioBrick ends.
Key to our design
Lux operon in the Registry Glossary
LuxCDABE listing in prodoric.
Virtual Footprint at prodoric searches for prokaryote promoters in a given sequence.
An overview of UT Austin's Light Sensor system.

BU iGEM Training
Using the wiki
iGEM 101

Team members can store and reference PDFs of scientific papers at http://www.citeulike.org/user/BUiGEM/ (Get the password from Richard) Take a look at tagging feature and the bookmarklet used for posting. (I'll put in more details soon). Here's a list of tags I have so far:

  • part2b for papers describing DNA sequences that we could turn into a part
  • part_XYZ for papers describing a specific part we might make
  • gene_XYZ for papers describing a particular gene in any detail

Remember you can apply any number of relevant tags you like to a given paper.

Tom Knight's earlier plasmid construction technique: http://web.mit.edu/synbio/release/docs/biobricks.pdf

Randy Rettberg sez B0015 is a pretty reliable terminator.

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