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==[[brown:iGEM proposal|iGEM proposal]]== (click the on the link)
==[[brown:iGEM proposal|iGEM proposal]]== (click the on the link)
PDF version: (synchronized as of 4:33PM 03/12/2006)
PDF version: (mostly synchronized as of 4:51PM 03/12/2006)
[[user:johncumbers|John Cumbers]] - Graduate Student Computational Biology  <br>
[[user:johncumbers|John Cumbers]] - Graduate Student Computational Biology  <br>

Revision as of 21:51, 12 March 2006


Brown iGEM team

We are looking for team funding for students to take part in the competition over the summer.

Journal Club

Brown Synthetic Biology Journal Club

Tasks to do

fill in your details on the list below and update the app.
does the app. flow together well?
read sections in detail, make any changes you think are needed
I can't get the images to wrap with the text, or to add captions, maybe because they are external images, I'm not sure, I've asked for upload rights so they can be internal images in the future--Johncumbers 15:48, 12 March 2006 (EST) I think the summary could do with work?
would you fund this proposal? why/why not?
what have we failed to demonstrate?
Media comms. can someone talk to the Brown press office please?

-can somebody add the departments to our faculty sponsors please? you can google for these. thanks Jamie
-can somebody link all the students to their usernames please? thanks Julie
-please sign up to write up a section.
-could somebody put the faculty and students list in alphabetical order? thanks Julie
-could somebody turn the headings on the proposal into sections? (by changing the to the == it would make it easier to edit thanks brendan

Who's doing what

John - writing 2 parts of app.
Brendan - formatting application at end. please start asap, so we can insert the text when finished.
Victoria - overviewing the draft proposal and checking it runs together.
Megan - BDH link
Julie -
Fundraising/pitching the proposal

faculty support tbc

small wonders class - Prof. Hurt

Prof Webster

Prof Gao

Prof Nicola Neretti

==iGEM proposal== (click the on the link)

PDF version: (mostly synchronized as of 4:51PM 03/12/2006)


John Cumbers - Graduate Student Computational Biology
Annie Gao
Peter Goldstein - Undergraduate Student Computational Biology
Smita Gupta
Nicholas Halden
Elena Helman - Undergraduate Student Computational Biology
Julia Heneghan
Brendan Hickey - Undergraduate Student Computational Biology
Victoria Lattanzi
Jamie Lemon - Undergraduate Student Biology
Kara Neergaard
Peter Rosenthal
Megan Schmidt - Undergraduate Student Human Biology
Julie Spector - Undergraduate Student Neuroscience
Elaine Tran


iGEM overview
iGEM Wiki

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