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Brown iGEM team

We are looking for team funding for students to take part in the competition over the summer.

Tasks to do

-can somebody add the departments to our faculty sponsors please? you can google for these.
-can somebody link all the students to their usernames please?
-please sign up to write up a section.
-could somebody put the faculty and students list in alphabetical order?
-could somebody turn the headings on the proposal into sections? (by changing the to the == it would make it easier to edit

Who's doing what

John - writing 2 parts of app.
Brendan - formatting application at end. please start asap, so we can insert the text when finished.
Victoria - overviewing the draft proposal and checking it runs together.
Megan - BDH link

==iGEM proposal== (click the on the link)


John Cumbers - Graduate Student Computational Biology
Annie Gao
Brendan Hickey - Undergraduate Student Computational Biology
Elaine Tran
Elena Helman - Undergraduate Student Computational Biology
Jamie Lemon - Undergraduate Student Biology
Julia Heneghan
Julie Spector
Kara Neergaard
Megan Schmidt - Undergraduate Student Human Biology
Nicholas Halden
Peter Goldstein - Undergraduate Student Computational Biology
Peter Rosenthal
Rahul Nene
Smita Gupta
Victoria Lattanzi


iGEM overview
iGEM Wiki

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