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(rough agenda)
(I can make Thu 4-5)
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*Jamie G.
*Jamie G.
*add name
*add name

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When are you free


I can make Thu 3-4

  • Gary
  • Annie
  • Azeem
  • Jason
  • add name

I can make Thu 4-5

  • Gary
  • Annie
  • Azeem
  • Jason
  • Jamie G.
  • Victoria
  • add name

rough agenda

  • update on projects
  • Independent study projects
  • presentation for Karen, deadline?
  • Pfizer talk and visit update
  • next year time table and plan
  • lab space & storage availability during move from JWW to LSB
  • storage of all plasmids, chemicals, cells, etc.
  • next year funding
  • plan for jamboree 3rd 4th 5th Nov, MIT.
  • Who's doing what for the next few months?
  • Journal club? speakers?
  • plan to recruit new students?
  • new ideas?

Friday July 20th, 2006

  • Meeting with Dean Targan and Karen Haberstroh

Friday July 14, 2006

1. Check in from last week
a) Megan - Avadin sythesis
b) Jason - looking into vector
c) Azeem - AHL comercially?
2. Progress on group projects
3. Modeling?
4. Update on magnetotactic bacteria
5. Miscellaneous
a) BBQ
b) Boston iGEM meet up
6. New business?

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