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iGEM Ambassadors are a new addition to the iGEM competition for 2006. Ambassadors work to assist school teams as necessary, promote communication and information exchange, and help support iGEM back end operations like the Parts Registry and DNA assemblies.

The iGEM ambassador goals are:

  • Make the teams more successful
  • Make iGEM more successful
  • Make the Registry more successful
  • Have lots of fun!

2006 Ambassador List and their Regional Assignments

(for specific school assignments, see here)

James Brown - Northeastern United States, Cambridge

Andrew Hessel - Canada, Midwest and South

Melissa Li - Western and Southeastern United States

Jonas Nart - European schools

Robin Künzler - European schools

Tamara Ulrich - European schools

Reshma Shetty - Asia

Meagan Lizarazo - Latin America

Ambassador's portal

We have an ambassador portal, for internal discussions, ideas and the like.

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