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2006 Jamboree Location and Directions

MIT campus in vicinity of Stata Center

The Jamboree will be held at MIT's Stata Center, also known as Building 32. Click here for a map of campus and directions to MIT.


Hotels around MIT are expensive ($250-$350), but lower rates (about $120) can be found nearby, within a short cab or subway ride.


  • The Hotel@MIT (20 Sidney St, Cambridge,(617) 577-0200) is excellent and close to campus (see map above). There is a block of rooms reserved at a special rate of $189.00, available until October 3rd, 2006. If you call the hotel, request the iGEM Jamboree guest rate. You can also book online by following these instructions:
  1. Go to hotel@mit website
  2. Click on Reservations (bottom left of screen) – this will redirect you to the Doubletree.com website
  3. At the Doubletree.com/Hotel @ MIT website, select dates/smoking preferences/bed type and departure dates
  4. At group/convention code prompt, load JMB
  5. A reservation and confirmation code will be provided and the reservation will be coded to the group block.

Other Hotels

  • The Boston Marriott Cambridge (2 Cambridge Ctr, Cambridge, (617) 494-6600) is also a good choice for nearby accommodation.
  • The Kendall Hotel is a block away from the Sata Center
  • The Radisson Hotel (777 Memorial Drive) is about a mile from the Stata, and has less expensive rooms.
  • A list of temporary housing near MIT can be found here, or check major travel web sites (Travelocity, Expedia, or Hotels.com) for other accommodation options.


Saturday November 4th
8:30 AM 0:30 Registration and Coffee
9:00 AM 0:15 Introduction
9:15 AM 0:30 Talk 1
9:45 AM 0:30 Talk 2
10:15 AM 0:30 Talk 3
10:45 AM 0:30 Break
10:45 AM 0:30 Talk 4
11:15 AM 0:30 Talk 5
11:45 AM 0:30 Talk 6
12:15 PM 0:20 Group Picture
12:35 PM 0:55 Lunch
1:30 PM 0:30 Talk 7
2:00 PM 0:30 Talk 8
2:30 PM 0:30 Talk 9
3:00 PM 0:30 Break
3:30 PM 0:30 Ambassadors and Wrap-up
4:00 PM 0:30 Talk 10
4:30 PM 0:30 Talk 11
5:00 PM 0:30 Talk 12
5:30 PM 2:30 Posters and Reception
8:00 PM 4:00 Social Event
12:00 AM

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Sunday November 5th
8:30 AM 0:30 Coffee
9:00 AM 0:15 Award session Introduction
9:15 AM 0:45 Drew Endy
10:00 AM 1:00 Awards
11:00 AM 0:30 Break
11:30 AM 1:00 3 Finalists
12:30 PM 0:15 Grand Prize Award
12:45 PM 0:30 Wrap-up
1:15 PM Lunch or Leave



  • Presentations will be 20 minutes per team plus an additional 5 minutes for questions and 5 minutes to set up the next team.
  • On Saturday, there will be a group photo taken.
  • On Sunday, the three finalists for the grand prize will repeat their presentations for everyone.
  • Box lunches will be provided Sunday and teams are urged to stay and compare notes, but are otherwise free to depart.

Planned Awards

Best Part

Best Device

Best System

Best Presentation

Best Poster

Best Documentation

Best Measurement and Part Characterization

Best Cooperation and Collaboration

Best Conquest of Adversity

Best Real World Application

And, finally, the Grand Prize as determined by the judges...

Attendance Roster

Prelimary headcounts are available at the Jamboree Attendance page

External Site

The iGEM 2006 external web site can be found here. (Some tweaks are still being made.)

2005 Jamboree

Archived information about the 2005 Jamboree can be found here.

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