Schools Participating in iGEM 2006


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These schools have expressed interest in iGEM 2006.

Please add your school name (alphabetical, please) and contact information to the list using the school table snip.

Note: some of the ambassadorships are currently being adjusted.

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Boston University Tim Gardner, Alex Kates James Brown
Brown John Cumbers James Brown
Caltech Richard Murray Melissa Li
Cambridge University Gos Micklem Jonas Nart
Chiba University, Japan Daisuke Umeno Reshma Shetty
Cold Spring Harbor Laboratory David Stewart James Brown
Davidson College Malcolm Campbell, Laurie Heyer Melissa Li
Duke Parts WIKI Faisal Reza, Jingdong Tian James Brown
ETH Zurich Sven Panke, Joerg Stelling Jonas Nart
Freiburg University, Germany Andrey Kuznetsov Jonas Nart
Harvard University Pam Silver

Harvard's wiki

James Brown
Imperial College Richard Kitney, Vincent Rouilly Jonas Nart
Latin America Raul Cuero Meagan Lizarazo
McGill University Jay Nadeau Andrew Hessel
Mississippi State University Filip To Andrew Hessel
Missouri Western State University Todd Eckdahl, Jeff Poet Andrew Hessel
MIT iGEM 2006 Drew Endy James Brown

NCBS Bangalore Mukund Thattai Reshma Shetty
Penn State University Tom Richard Melissa Li

Prairie View A&M University Raul Cuero Andrew Hessel

Princeton Ron Weiss, Ihor Lemischka James Brown
Rice University George Bennett Andrew Hessel
Tokyo Institute of Technology Daisuke Kiga Reshma Shetty

University of Arizona Joan Curry, Mark Riley Melissa Li

University of Calgary Christian Jacob Andrew Hessel

University of California Berkeley Jonathan Goler Melissa Li

University of California Irvine Tau-Mu Yi, Beatriz da Costa Melissa Li
University of California San Francisco Chris Voigt Andrew Hessel
University of Edinburgh Chris French Jonas Nart
University of Ljubljana & National Institute of Chemistry, Ljubljana, Slovenia Roman Jerala, Marko Dolinar Jonas Nart
University of Michigan Peter Woolf Andrew Hessel
University of Toronto Stephen Davies Andrew Hessel
UPV-UV Valencia, Spain Alfonso Jaramillo Jonas Nart
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