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Peter Goldstein

Brown Undergrad, class of 2008.
Brown PO Box 4209

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Concentration history: I came in as a Math major and changed to Math/Computer Science after a semester. After three days of believing I was a Computer Science concentrator, I decided on computational biology, where I have remained to this day.

I play the viola (as loudly as possible), sing in Gilbert and Sullivan operas, whistle with Lip Service (whistling choir) and am a brother in the Alpha Delta Phi society.

Weekly Reports

Week One
Week Two
Week Three

Week Four
I arranged the journal club, at which Azeem presented his paper about the bacterial bull's-eye. The following day I modeled the bacterial bull's-eye in JDesigner as an exercise in the program's use and to get a better handle on how computaitonal analysis can help the project. The remainder of the week I spent transforming the various parts necessary for the sender cell for the freeze tag project. All three parts transformed and we are now growing them up.

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