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Yizhi(Patrick) Cai 蔡毅之

Hey guys, I am Patrick, participant from University of Edinburgh. It is fantastic to join iGEM competition and meet everyone of you in MIT. Please do not hesitate to contact me if you wanna to talk to me.


1F2, 3 Valleyfield Street, EH3 9LP, Edinburgh United Kingdom

Tel: (+44)07737516587 Personal page:

Research interests

My research interests are mainly in bioinformatics, computational system biology, neuroscience and computer vision.

Currently I am working on pathway modeling in University of Edinburgh, and will move to Virginia Tech to work on Synthetic Biology under supervision of Dr.Peccoud Jean (one of the judges in iGEM this year) for my PhD soon.


UNIVERSITY of EDINBURGH, United Kingdom (2005-2006)

   * Candidate, Master of Science (to be awarded in 2006)
   * Major in Bioinformatics, Minor in Neuroscience


   *  Bachelor of  Engineering , Major in Computer Science
   *  Member of Talented Student Program    
      -Selected top1% of 5000 fresh student in CSU
      -GPA:3.62/4 (Overall), 3.82/4 (Major)
   *  Ranking: Top 1% among 393 sutdents with specility of CS

Useful team information

  • I cannot swim, though I grow up in a very nice seaside city--QuanZhou.
  • I hate spicy food, though I spent 4 years in the 'hotest' city- ChangSha
  • I prefer Chinese tea to coffee, but if there is only coffee served in the cafe, then please bring me cappuccino :)
  • My favorite situation comedy is 'Friends'.

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