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Student’s Name:
Year of Graduation:
What experience have you had in a lab?  What lab skills do you have?  (No experience necessary)


As mathematical modeling is an integral part of iGEM, what is your background with computer science, mathematics, and physics in this context? (No background necessary)

What teams have you been involved with at Brown in the past? What has your role been?

What work experience have you had? (please answer briefly)

What interests you most about synthetic biology and iGEM?

Project Design

For this section please refer to and follow the links to “TEAMS” to understand the nature of the projects in iGEM. Remember, that the main goal of this competition is to engineer a solution to a biological problem, not to find out how a biological process works. Here, you will propose a project that interests you and you would like to work on next summer. If the following tasks seem daunting or it is unclear to you what the true nature of an iGEM project is feel free to contact any of the names at the bottom of this sheet, who will surely help you with the application. Please complete the following tasks on another sheet:

Introduction: Set up the primary goal of your proposed project by including pertinent background information. What is the problem you are trying to solve? Why is this problem important? Please include citations to any resources you use. (Maximum - 2 pages)

Experimental Design: Propose different methods to solve this problem. Here, you do not need to be specific (include exact Registry part numbers, etc…) – you just need to show the logic behind how you will use the background information presented in your Introduction to manipulate your system and accomplish your goal. Make sure to think of as many solutions as you can to your problem and highlight which one you think is the ideal solution. (Maximum - 2 pages)

For Help with the Application, please contact:

  • Azeem Kaka (
  • 740-704-5050
  • Jason Lohmueller (
  • 603-819-9492
  • Annie Gao (
  • 860-639-4134
  • Brendan Hickey (
  • 401-465-6150
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