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Meeting Minutes for March 14, 2006

Assignment of roles: Community Maker - Nick, Megan Notetaker/Organizer (Secretary) - Angela Journal Club Coordinator - Elena Fundraising/PR

 Julie: Fundraising
 Brendan: PR
 Elaine: helping both

Faculty Liaison - Victoria Wiki Development - Peter Research - Annie "Benevolent Dictator" =) - John

We have lab space in JWW!!!

ACTIONS: -Victoria will go to SAO to get info about table for ADOCH

-possibly also a web page/link to Brown iGEM
-have a site for prospective students to see who we are, as well as our contact info
-also, for everyone: think of ways to gain more attention 

-Everyone: create a section on the wiki for the category you are overseeing

-Create a community portal by tomorrow

-serve as a site that can be linked possibly from admissions page
-emphasizing that we are cross-disciplinary undergraduates performing research at Brown University, even several freshmen involved
-have our slightly more colorful biolographical infos attached

-Possible ideas for our project?

-Victoria/Megan doing the Journal Club presentation next week.

-Jamie can't make this time, how should we accomodate?

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