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3. Set up your team page

Set up your team page

Every team in iGEM already has a team page set up for them. To find your team's page, go to the list of participating schools (or click School Pages in the navigation box on the left). Then click on your school's link.

There are a few items that we'd like to see on your team's page(s).

Member list

A list of all team members, their roles, and email addresses. You can also include links to their user pages. For instance,

  1. Drew Endy
  2. Andrew Hessel

Project description

Overview of project(s), including schematics and figures

Project details

Ongoing data/updates about project(s), including schematics, figures, test data, and biobrick parts used


Some photos of your team, facilities, institution, etc.

This helps teams get to know eachother.


Optionally, anything that broadcasts your team's personality, spirit, sense of fun, or coolness...

Some things to remember

  1. To present and receive awards at the Jamboree in November, you must post this information on your team's page! (Linking to another website or wiki with the necessary information doesn't count.) That way, teams from future years can look back and see what great work you did. And perhaps even build upon it.
  2. You can organize your team page however you like as long as all this information is present on the iGEM wiki.
  3. You're also free to go beyond your team's page and edit and improve general resources for the iGEM community. If you learn something useful that's not documented well, go start a page on the topic so that others can learn from you.

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