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Our team is composed of 9 students of different undergraduate programs within the University of Ljubljana, 3 instructors from the National Institute of Chemistry and 2 supervisors. Project research will be conducted at the National Institute of Chemistry (in the group of Prof. Roman Jerala) and at the Faculty of Chemistry and Chemical Technology, Biochemistry Chair (under supervision of Asst. Prof. Marko Dolinar).

34 students initially applied for the team. Project proposals were due March 10. We received 13 different project ideas. Both supervisors evaluated the proposed projects and had interviews in the week from April 3 to 7. The 'lab' team members were selected on April 12 and two physics students one week later. In May, we were mainly discussing possible projects and soon focused on a cellular signalisation issue. Laboratory work started on June 7. We are now preparing basic vector constructs and think about checking detection systems soon.

In the center of the photograph is the rectorate building of the University of Ljubljana. Right behind, in the white building the first laboratories of the Chemistry Department were located since 1919.

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