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(August 2) iGEM ambassador Robin Kuenzler is visiting (until August 4). Presentations of iGEM concept, ETH 2005 project, work with wikis and introduction to Registry of biological parts are scheduled as is a short presentation of our project and progress in the lab. Click here to see some photos.

(August 1) Work intensified. First constructs are due August 15 and Jelka, Matej and Jernej moved their samples to the Biochemistry Lab and continue preparing constructs they are in charge of.

(July 19) Supervisors are back from vacation - time for a brief overview of the lab work... Work actually started on June 7 with basic cloning, vector preparations, PCRs etc. Instructors from Roman's group were great help all the time. First experiments with ELISA detection system were already performed (looks promising). Next team meeting is in one week. iGEM ambassador expected to visit in early August.

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