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Note: The [ iGEM 2008 Wiki] can be found here!

This wiki is archived and the contents frozen. Please update your links.

iGEM 2006 - The international Genetically Engineered Machine competition
iGEM is an international arena where student teams compete to design and assemble engineered machines using advanced genetic components and technologies. [ Learn more.]



Current Events

>> Registration for iGEM 2007 is now open at []

  • Visit the iGEM 2006 web site detailing results from the 2006 Jamboree and public relations information @ [].
  • Don't forget to mark your Favorite Parts in the Registry. [ Here's how]
  • Check out the Jamboree 2006 Image Gallery
  • See the latest Jamboree information here.

Check for Past Events...

iGEM News

>> [ Jay Keasling - Scientist of the Year] Discover Magazine

  • [ Gene Machine: Cells Engineered To Prevent Sepsis Win Synthetic Biology Competition] Science Daily
  • [ Genetically Engineered Machines Competition]
  • [ Bizarre bacterial creations] Technology Review
  • [ Genetic Jamboree draws innovators] The Boston Globe

add your own iGEM News...

iGEM is an initiative of the MIT [ iCampus] program, which is funded by Microsoft Corp. iCampus sponsors faculty innovations in educational technology, helps incubate them through classroom use, and promotes their adoption, evaluation and continued evolution through worldwide multi-institutional cooperation.

iGEM Competition c/o 32 Vassar Street, Room 314, Cambridge, MA 02139 (617) 258 5244 | Join iGEM | Support iGEM

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