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  1. Quest for fun
  2. 'Chemistry' of young students from diverse backgrounds


To be announced. Should be rather funny than interesting.

Team page in Japanese [1]



  • Shotaro Ayukawa (Tokyo Institute of Technology, fifth from the right)
    • Synthetic biology
  • Shogo Hamada (Tokyo Institute of Technology, fourth from the right)
    • Control engineering
  • Akio Kobayashi (University of Tokyo, fifth from the left)
    • Electrophysiology
  • Yusaku Nakashima (Keio University, fourth from the left)
    • Cell-cell communication, DNA Computation
  • Hidemasa Takagi (Keio University)
    • Molecular Genetics


  • Daisuke Kiga (Tokyo Institute of Technology, second from the left)
    • in vitro Synthetic Biology
  • Masami Hagiya (University of Tokyo, right)
    • Molecular Computing, Unconventional Computation
  • Satoshi Murata (Tokyo Institute of Technology)
    • Control Engineering
  • Yasubumi Sakakibara (Keio University)
    • DNA Computation, Bioinformatics
  • Masayuki Yamamura (Tokyo Institute of Technology, second from the right)
    • Evolutionary Computation, Bioinformatics, DNA Computation
  • Katsuyuki Yugi (Keio University,left)
    • Systems Biology, DNA Computation
  • Masahiko Uchiyama (Tokyo Institute of Technology, third from the right)
    • cell signaling, protein engineering


Every Tuesday at Tokyo Institute of Technology (Suzukakedai)



  • Football national team of Japan ('Samurai in Blue')
  • Baseball national team of Japan (The Champions of World Baseball Classics '06)


Hagiya Lab. [2]

Kiga Lab. [3]

Murata Lab. [4]

Sakakibara Lab. [5]

Yamamura Lab. [6]

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