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  1. Heat-Unstable Nucleoid Protein
  2. HU stimulates transcription using lambda phage template
  3. HU is made up of two subunits, HU alpha and HU beta
  4. It is an abundant non-specific DNA binding protein which is highly conserved among prokaryotes
  5. Prokaryotic homolog of eukaryotic histones that restrains DNA supercoils in the nucleoid
  6. A certain fraction is associated with ribosomes
  7. 30,000 to 50,000 HU molecules per cell exist in exponentially growing cells of E. coli W3110
  8. HU, together with Fis, forms a major nucleoid component in the growing E. coli cell
  9. At saturation, HU dimers may be associated, on average, every 300 to 400 bp of the E. coli genome. Upon entry into the stationary phase, the HU level started to decrease gradually, decreasing to less than one-third of the maximum level in the late stationary phase
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