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  • 10/15--We succeeded a experiments of aroma! farnessene and pinene are a kind of sweet fragrance. Geraniol and pinene have a citrus flavor.
  • 9/23--We succesed yesterday's experiment. The smell of geraniol that is produced E.coli was a kind of citrus.
  • 9/22--We tested efficency of E.coli that makes geraniol.
  • 9/21--We are trying to make E.coli that makes geraniol.
  • 9/12--We got a gene that codes geraniol synthase.
  • 9/5--We solved a yesterday's problem. PUC-EBI was very dirty so it caused a lot of problem. After cleaning it, We got a clean band of PUC-EBI(linear).
  • 9/4--We want to make PUC-EBIY. We got EBIY (it's orange color),but couldn't get PUC(vector).A band of PUC-EBI(linear)was very weak ,and we could see several bands. So we discussed what caused this problem.

  • 8/29--We discussed about the light sensor bacteria.
  • 8/12--Our first experiment using an aroma oil(Sweet Flavor-smells like orange). 10μl of oil was necessary for LB medium(solid and liquid) to smell good, or at least, better.
  • 8/4 -- We created parts J29021(generator-3 enzymes that is used to produce a lycopene) and J29022(device-light receptor and LacI).
  • 8/4 -- We added EuY(J29030) and carene cyclase(J29036) to the Registry. 4 changes were made to carene cyclase to remove restriction sites of ecoR1 and pst1.
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