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Student led cross-disciplinary research

Nature Nov 2005

Welcome to the home of the Brown iGEM team. iGEM is the International Genetically Engineered Machine Competition. This summer we are putting together a team of graduates and undergraduates to try and construct genetically engineered parts in living cells. If you are planning to come to Brown and work with our synthetic biology group, we would love to speak with you. You could check out our iGEM Portal and see how we are progressing. Brown has a history of cross disciplinary science and this summer we have expert professors advising our team from biology through to engineering. If you would like to be involved with student led cross-disciplinary research at Brown then please get in touch.

Got a question about coming to Brown?

If you are thinking of coming to Brown and would like to speak to one of us in the team? We have arranged that during April you can call us on (401) 5238190 to speak with somebody on the team. You could also contact us through our wiki pages or e-mail your questions to iGEM@brown. Below are some team profiles:

Victoria Lattanzi

Victoria Lattanzi

I was first introduced to the iGEM program through the exictement and interest of one of my peers. I have a strong background in the biological sciences and I have been looking for a means to get involved in research.

For me the iGEM contest was an ideal program, a blend of student-led intiative and faculty support to take on a tremendous research endeavor of our choosing. As a transfer student from Vassar College, I can't express enough how much I LOVE BROWN and the science curriculum and research opportunites it has to offer.

Some would say that my academic focuses are not related, but on the otherhand, reveal the beauty of a liberal arts education. It serves as a testament to the University's support and flexabilty of creating a truly unique education. I am so excited for the ALL the amazing possiblities and opportunities that lie ahead for the Brown iGEM Team. Stay posted for upcoming news of our team in the near future!

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