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Here's a link to the supplmenet that went out with the iGEM 2005 invitiation. This document summarizes what happened in 2003 and 2004, gives a background on abstraction and PoPS: [iGEM 2005 Supplement]

Here's a link to DE's PowerPoint(tm) slides describing abstraction. The file also includes pictures of the 2004 Texas project and the students, et cetera. Feel free to do whatever you want with these slides: [Abstraction PowerPoint]

Here's the animation that you need to run the above PowerPoint (if somebody can embed this animation and remake the file, please load it up here, replacing all this text!): [foo.moov file]

Here's "lite" version of this file that shouldn't have any animations: [Abstraction PowerPoint w/o Animation]

Here's a link to the Registry website that details what's going on with Abstraction (so far as we know): [Registry Abstraction Page]

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