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Welcome to Princeton's 2006 International Genetically Engineered Machines (iGEM) team wiki. Princeton is one of almost forty schools from around the world participating in creating synthetic genetic "machines" via the iGEM competition. This is our third year in the iGEM program. Our hope is to make a significant contribution to the community at large and have some fun along the way.


Click here for a summary of Princeton's iGEM2006 project. Brain and Heart

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  • Week 7! The chances of having a working system are increasing as you build more and more Biobricks. Can you feel the excitement? At this point we are all realizing the potential of what we will be able to build off of our basic circuitry. This week we will add modeling into the mix. Our team website is almost finished...great job!! This week we will focus on building even more Biobricks.
  • As we enter Week 6, we need to think about how our biobricks can be used as biological circuits. Individual presentations will continue this week and each circuit idea will be placed in a powerpoint for future reference. We have our basic circuit down and are working hard to constuct the pieces. We found that even if protocols seem trivial, they are rarely trivial, but with hard work and a little thought, these problems can be overcome. We also found that sometimes weekend work is necessary.... Keep working hard and keep your eyes on the goal!!
  • Ocean City was a GREAT trip and made at least some of us wishing for more wave time! Ron will make surfers out of all of us yet..... Pictures to come....
  • The team voted on our team outing: Ocean city, Sunday, July 16th. Seems we have a team of brains *and* brine.
  • Congrats to the team for a successful Week 4! We have our circuit ideas, our Biobrick ideas and we know how to successfully create the pieces. Now the *real* work begins. Journal club-like morning meetings will introduce us to new systems and give us fresh ideas. Keep up the great work!
  • Week 4 already! This week will be devoted to getting some real results. You all know the protocols and are dreaming about them in your sleep. Now you need to refine them and make them work for you. This week there will be no formal talks, but we will be hammering out solutions to problems we find in the lab and we will be talking more about BioBricks and circuit design. Our new meeting room from M-Th is LTL 116, original room Friday mornings. We will still meet every morning to make sure everyone knows what their job is and to answer any questions that may arise.
  • In week 3 be prepared for some changes! Our morning talks will start at 9am every day and last for approx. an hour before we go into lab. We will start to move into more of the primary literature, teaching you how to critically read a research paper. Each student will be able to then choose a Synthetic Biology paper to critically present to the group. We will also take stock of the parts we have created and begin to talk about putting together a system.
  • LTL118 is our lecture room. After the first day, we will convene in this room from 9-11am for lectures.
  • June 12th is our first official day! Please report to the basement of Lewis Thomas Lab (LTL) in the teaching lab at 9am. Please see the Princeton campus map for the location of LTL. Please be sure to pick up a packet and a name tag when you arrive. We will take a team picture and individual pictures at 3:30pm in the teaching lab.
  • Biosafety will hold a special session to satisfy the university's requirements at 10am, June 12th in the LTL teaching lab. You MUST attend this session in order to be in this program. EXCEPTIONS: PRISM-REU students will attend the 1pm-3pm Lab safety session on June 12th in the Frick building (refer to the campus map above).

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