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Purdue University iGEM wiki.

Contact List


  • Dr. Rickus Rickus@ecn.purdue.edu
  • Dr. Clase
  • Dr. Mosier

Graduate Advisors:

Undergraduate Students

MIT Trip November 3rd - 5th

Purdue is sending the following people as representatives for the Purdue IGEM team:

  • Dr. Rickus (Faculty Sponsor)
  • John Schumm (Project Leader)
  • John Koehler (Graduate Supervisor)
  • Aaron Young
  • Piyush Bajaj

Safety Training

Have attended BMED saftey Training:

  • Aaron Young
  • John Koehler
  • John Schumm
  • Dana Ziliak
  • Marianne Luu

Work in Lab and should have already compeleted safety training:

  • Azzem Kapadia
  • Piyush Bajaj

Shouldn't need safety training:

  • Pierce Burch
  • Jason Burbey

Project Description and Details

Photo Area

Our home building on Campus :


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