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I was very glad to attend the IGEM 2006 Intstructor's workshop at MIT ( May 5 2006). I

perceived more than I was expecting. It was very informative and was like a forum, not only to

interact with other participating members of the IGEM, but also to brainstorm ideas about

Synthetic Biology with other Scientists for future collaborations. Attending this workshop

allowed us to consolidate the programs for better understanding therefore, I highly recommmend

anybody participating in the IGEM to attend this workshop. However,I would like to recommend a

name change, from IGEM to IBEST (Intercollegiate Biological, Engineering, Science and

Technology. This will prevent the confusion associted with synthetic biology as it compares

to traditional Genetic Engineering. This confusion is always present when we try to explain the

new science of Synthetic Biology.

Raul Cuero, Ph.D

Research Leader: Latin America, Africa, Prairie View A&M and Turkey.



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