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Welcome to the Blue Water Wiki

Project Overview

iGEM Project Overview Here’s an overview of the project. Currently the write up is an external link to an html, eventually it will be converted to wiki form to allow easier modification.

Cell-See-Us Thermometer Model Here’s a model of the Cell-See-Us Thermometer, including the governing system of differential equations.

Cell-See-Us Thermometer Model Results And here are the results of the model, after values for the constants were plugged in.

Temperature sensor, Temperature sensor with positive feedback The original designs for the temperature sensor, parts BBa_J11014 and BBa_J11018 are available above, along with modeling data. (These files are jpegs, and considerably smaller than the pdfs above).

Note that the design has since been modified to accommodate minimal parts, called BBa_J11021 and BBa_J11022. The model results for these new designs will be posted shortly.

iGEM 2005 Jamboree

Team Blue Water's iGEM 2005 Presentation Here are the slides we used in our presentation.

iGEM 2005 Jamboree Here is the wiki for the iGEM 2005 Jamboree that was held November 5 & 6 2005. The Jamboree was attended by four U of T/Waterloo group members: Prof. Stephen Davies, Matt Scott, Hannah Fong and Emanuel Nazareth.

Check E, "Synthetic biology: Designs on life," Nature. Nov 24 2005. 438:417-418 Here is a feature in Nature about the iGEM 2005 Jamboree.

Team Members

Undergraduate Students
Aman Arya, Biology (Waterloo)
Joseph Chan, Molecular Genetics (Toronto)
Hannah Fong, Immunology / Chemistry (Toronto)
Lutz Kummer, visiting Biology (Waterloo)
Emanuel Nazareth, Biomedical Engineering (Toronto)
Martina Spranger, visiting Biology (Waterloo)
Max Wong, Biomedical Engineering (Toronto)

Graduate Students
Seema Nagaraj, IBBME and Dept. of Electrical Engineering (Toronto)
Matt Scott, Dept. of Applied Mathematics (Waterloo)
Cindy Ying Yin Yip, IBBME (Toronto)

Technical Support
Andrew Hessel, Lab Manager, Mak Lab, University Health Network

Faculty Advisors
Prof. Stephen Davies, IBBME and Dept. of Electrical Engineering (Toronto)
Prof. Brian Ingalls, Dept. of Applied Mathematics (Waterloo)

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