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UT2006 namespace

I'm thinking it would be better if we renamed all our pages to be in the UT2006 namespace (University of Toronto 2006 seemed a bit long, but if you have a better idea, then suggest it). This will serve to unify our pages under the partsregistry.org/~~/UT2006:page_name area. Now, I know technically, it's not really a new namespace, and just a page with a colon in its name (you need to be admin of the server to create namespaces), but that's a technicality that most of you would never think of, let alone care about. Now, why, you may ask would we do this? Well, essentially, it's for the unification of the UT pages. Also, take pages like the "Team Members 2006" page; it does not show any UT affiliation and the name appears to be general (ie members of the entire iGEM competition). Of course, the page should be edited to actually show that, but it will also be better to use this UT2006 namespace. If we change things now, then it will be simple as there are only 5 pages (I will do it; it is not hard...). At the moment, there do not appear to be many other teams doing this, but most of their parts consist of only the main page. One team that has done this is Brown but I did not look through all of them.

Anyway, after all that rambling, essentially what I'm saying is, we should move these pages to UT2006:page name. Taking this page as an example, it should be moved to UT2006:Bulletin Board. If we act now, there are only 5 pages to move and only 5 links to fix on the main page. --WingZero 03:31, 29 May 2006 (EDT)

I like the idea, but before we proceed I would appreciate it if the majority voted on this and the supervisors approve the plan.

--Farshid 15:24, 29 May 2006 (EDT)


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