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Megan Foran Schmidt

Concentration: Human Biology

Class: 2008


Hometown: New York, NY

About Me: Outside of class, I am involved in Brown EMS, Habitat for Humanity, and intramural innertube water polo :) I enjoy playing soccer, lacrosse, and baking (and eating!) cookies. One thing I really love about Brown is how supportive and receptive my professors are. In large lecture classes, professors know (and call on me by) my name and meet with me individualy if I cannot attend office hours. In another class I am currently taking, (Emergency Medical Systems: A Critical Analysis) my professor, who is an attending at RI Hospital, encourages students to shadow him while he is seeing patiens in the ER, and encourages questions and patient interaction. I love the fact that I can have such relationships with my professors while still being part of a large university.

Past Research Experience:
- cellular and molecular research at Rockefeller University (Fuch's Lab)
- pharmacology research (Akt kinases) at Columbia University (Franke Lab)

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