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Sheldon C. Provost
sprovost (at) gmail (dot) com
Graduate Student (on leave)
Division of Engineering
Brown University
Providence, RI 02912

Research Areas
Signal Processing - Speech/audio and acoustics, array signal processing, image and video processing, bio-signal modelling (EEG, EOG, EMG, MRI, etc), hardware for real time apps, robotics
Dancehall Reggae Music - archiving, poetic analysis, Caribbean music and culture, international Reggae.

Hardware Engineer
Security Technologies
VPN Group
Cisco Systems, Inc.
170 W. Tasman Dr.
San Jose Ca 95134
408.525.1769 (o)
401.523.3654 (c)
(I'm on Pacific Time)

High speed signal design and simulations for network security systems.

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