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Hello! I am a first year PhD student in Biomedical Engineering and an iGEM 2006 ambassador

I believe that the iGEM program is an integral part of bringing new students and new ideas into the thriving, dynamic, and very new community of synthetic biologists.


> Research

  • Part of the [ Berkeley 2005 iGEM team] project on [ "Addressable Bacterial Communication"]
  • I am currently working on creating MEMs (micro-electro-mechanical) devices for the low-cost high throughput sorting for directed evolution of microbes in the [ Lu] and [ Chen] labs.
  • Also worked on the Berkeley Lower Extremity Exoskeleton (BLEEX) in the [ Human Engineering and Robotics Laboratory]

>> Etc.


  • visit the [ iGEM photo album!]
  • progressive science for social [ change]


  • smelissali [shift+ 2] g mai l
  • "mobile communicator" = (510) 387-6186
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