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Victoria Lattanzi.jpg

Hometown: Milton, MA
Class: 2007
Concentration: Biochemistry and French Studies
Fact about Me: I love the ocean and marine mammals so much that I spent part of my summer training dolphins in the Florida Keys.
Campus Involvement: Meiklejohn Peer Advisor, Kappa Alpha Theta Sorority Vice President External Relations (VPER)

Hi! Welcome to iGEM at Brown!

I was first introduced to the iGEM program through the exictement and interest of one of my peers. I have a strong background in the biological sciences and I have been looking for a means to get involved in research.

For me the iGEM contest was an ideal program, a blend of student-led intiative and faculty support to take on a tremendous research endeavor of our choosing.

As a transfer student from Vassar College, I can't express enough how much I LOVE BROWN and the science curriculum and research opportunites it has to offer.

Some would say that my academic focuses are not related, but on the otherhand, reveal the beauty of a liberal arts education.
It serves as a testament to the University's support and flexabilty of creating a truly unique education.

I am so excited for the ALL the amazing possiblities and opportunities that lie ahead for the Brown iGEM Team.

Stay posted for upcoming news of our team in the near future!

Yours truly,


Weekly Report

week 1: Started learning how to carry out necessary lab techniques that will be of use throughout the coming weeks for our projects (care of Jason and Azeem).

week 2: Out of lab, had RA training all week for Summer@Brown Program.

week 3: Back to the drawing board, team realized that bacterial maze wouldn't work so we had to come up with a new idea. Team came up with the Freeze Tag idea....pure genius!

week 4: Working to create the AHL sensor that will be located in the receiver cell. Requires the ligation of 2 parts (BBa_F2620 and BBa_P0312.)

week 5: Ran gel of part BBa_F2620, will then run restriction digest of parts. Relized that we did not calculate enough DNA to have an effective extraction, therefore we ran a gel to confirm that the restriction digest was successful and that we did actually isolate the parts. Next week we will run another extraction this time with more be continued...

week 6: Ran gel extraction, but did so only with 1 microliter of DNA, not 10 which was suggested by boy Jamie. We'll see what happens with the results tomorrow when we do an ethanol precipitation. It is hoped that it will have been enough DNA, since girl Jamie and Annie had used the same amount and had a positive outcome.

week 7: Ran another digest on more DNA. Then ran another gel and extraction. Ligated the parts from both sets of extractions, Megan ran ethanol precipitation and ligation, then ready to be digested once again. Ran digestion and ran a diagnostic gel.

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