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Team Goal: Photography System Assembly and Testing

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Mac Cowell macowell@bu.edu aim: cxmac2
Christine Woods cwoods@bu.edu aim: xoptopinope
Nancy Mendonca Davis nancymd@bu.edu
Nadav Ivzan nivzan@bu.edu aim:kingos82 msn:kingos19@hotmail.com

Meeting Schedule

Next meeting:

Current Progress

Photosystem parts

Light Sensing Inhibitor:

  • BBa_I15008 (well: 21A plate: iGEM2006 DNA-2)
  • BBa_I15009 (well: 21C plate: iGEM2006 DNA-2)
  • BBa_I15010 (Note: Must be used in E.coli deficient in natural EnvZ. Also, not in 2006 iGEM dna distribution)
  • BBa_R0082 (well: 15P plate: iGEM2006 DNA-1)

BU's temporary parts

Assembly of parts

  • Color-codes that indicate the corresponding biobrick's antibiotic resistance. (Each brick has a certain antibiotic resistance. Biobricks stored in Plate 1 are all Ampicilin resistant. Those in Plate 2 have a color-code).


  • What strain of e. coli should we use? How do we make those cells competent?
  • How do we find out which antibiotic a particular DNA on Plate 2 is resistant to? The Biobrick Delivery instructions say that we should use the Registry Repository to find out, but it doens't seem to list each part's antibiotic resistance on there.
    • The bottom of each well is color-coded to indicate the antibiotic resistance.
  • How do we obtain part I15010?
    • Email Meagan at the registry (meaganl AT mit DOT edu) and copy James Brown (jrb62 AT cam.ac.uk)
  • How do we obtain EnvZ- e. coli?
    • Ask frank - he seems to know.
  • Who knows what we can buy now and what general lab supplies are available for our use?



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