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News & Updates
  • Today in Lab: 2006-9-07
  • We had a big back to school Meeting on Wednesday 9.6.06. Click the link for more info.
  • A team summary has been submitted to the Registry for inclusion in their map of all schools. Here it is:
    8 students are working under the auspices of Tim Gardner's lab at Boston University to develop what they have playfully called a "bacterial night-light." The team is developing the genes in the Lux operon of the naturally bioluminescent marine microorganism P. luminescens into a series of biobricks and using them to build a light-producing network controlled by the coliroid photosensor device.
  • The research page has been updated to include all of the team information with links to team pages as well as the research on the lux operon and sequence details. Teams should start to update their pages as they begin research and meetings.
  • The current draft of the proposal has been posted in pdf form on the fundraising page
  • A new calendar has been created with links to the minutes from individual meetings (more to come soon)
Upcoming Schedule

-- Wednesday August 9th - General Meeting - 5pm Ingalls

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