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iGEM 2007

11 April 2007

Deepa to present Imperial iGEM presentation Link to Imperial wiki


25 July

Annie to present article titled "Synthetic protein-protein interatction domains created by shuffling Cys2His2 zinc-fingers".
Link to Article

18 July

Jason to present on Article titled Environmentally Controlled Invasion of Cancer Cells by Engineered Bacteria.

PDF of Article

11 July

Brendan to present on Article titled Ultrasensitivity and Nosie Propagation in a Synthetic Transcriptional Cascade.

PDF of Article

5 July

Peter presents an article about transcriptional regulators used to form an oscillator. The article is here

20 June

Hayato presents an article on producing the luciferace-magnetic particle complex.

6pm Walter Hall

16 May

This is the last journal club until the summer. This week will be a meeting to discuss the lab and the first few weeks of the summer. In Walter Hall, 80 Waterman, 6-7pm

9 May

Journal Club is in Walter Hall, 80 Waterman

Hiyato to present: Nanoparticle labels in immunosensing using optical detection methods

Matthias Seydack

2 May

Sri Kosuri from MIT to come and talk about his paper from the previous week.

25 April

John to present, + overview of Biobricks

Refactoring bacteriophage T7 Leon Y Chan1,a, Sriram Kosuri2,a and Drew Endy2

18 April

Kara and Jesse

Programmable ligand-controlled riboregulators of eukaryotic gene expression.

Bayer TS, Smolke CD.

11 April

Annie and Angela will present the article: "Design of artificial cell–cell communication using gene and metabolic networks".

The paper can be found at:

Thomas Bulter, Sun-Gu Lee, Wilson WaiChun Wong, Eileen Fung, Michael R. Conner, and James C. Liao. 2004. Design of artificial cell-cell communication using gene and metabolic networks. PNAS. 101(8): 2299-2304. (Quorum sensor using acetate signal).

4 April

Brendan and Peter will be presenting the article entitled "Engineering a mevalonate pathway in Escherichia coli for production of terpenoids".

Vincent J J Martin, Douglas J Pitera1, Sydnor T Withers1, Jack D Newman & Jay D Keasling. "Engineering a mevalonate pathway in Escherichia coli for production of terpenoids." Nature Biotechnology 21, 796 - 802 (2003).

It can be found online at

21 March

Megan and Victoria will present the article handed out in last meeting. Article is entitled: "Construction of a genetic toggle switch in Escherichia coli"

Timothy S. Gardner, Charles R. Cantor, and James J. Collins. 2000. Construction of a genetic toggle switch in Escherichia coli. Nature. Vol. 403. 339 - 342. (Bistable gene regulatory network, toggled by transient chemical or thermal induction, to serve as cellular memory) Download the paper here

14th March

John to give overview of last year's competition and to hand out readings Download paper here

November 29, 2006

Hayato will be presenting a paper on DNA autorepair. Wednesday at 5:15pm, location to be announced.
Link to abstract
Link to paper

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