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Year: 2007

Concentraion: Biology

Brown University,
Box 4662, 02912

Weekly Reports

Week Four
At the beginning of the week we divided the new project idea into four parts so that each team of two would be responsible for one device. Annie and I are working on the mechanism which immobilizes the cell, called the "freeze machine." We made Kanamycin plates and then resuspended and transformed the necessary parts. We plan to mini-prep the parts next week, with digestions and ligations to follw after that. Azeem and I also put the parts on the registry.

Week Five

Tuesday - Came in at night and grew up colonies of parts C0078, C0079, and S03271 for mini-prep
Wednesday - Mini-prepped the colonies from Tuesday. Made more Amp. plates. Resuspended and transformed parts R0010, B0033, Q01510, B0032, E0420, and C0260. Because Azeem and I changed the set up of the 'freeze machine' at the end of last week, a lot of the parts that we transformed last week actually aren't going to be used...thus more transformations.
Thursday - Annie and I planned the begining of the ligation order for the 'Freeze Machine.' We grew colonies overnight for mini-prep on Friday. We also edited the Wiki unitl we couldn't see straight.
Friday - Due to human error, our colonies did not grow. They will grow today and Azeem and Jason will mini-prep them tonight. We continued to edit the wiki, and had our weekly meeting. We transformed the last two parts which had difficulty transforming earlier in the week, hopefully with better success.

Week Six
Monday - Mini prepped the colonis of B0033 and C0260 which Annie grew up last night.
Tuesday - Ran a gel of the mini-preps, spec. mini-preps, did restriction digests of parts C0260 and E0420 (mini-prepped and spec. by Jason)
Wednesday - Ran a gel of the restriction digests, part E0420 digested and visible, part C0260 nowhere to be found. Extracted part E0420
Thursday - Re-spec. mini-preps of C0260. Run a second restriction digest. Run a gel of the digests, still no visible DNA. Grow new colonies of C0260 for mini-prep.
Friday - Mini-prep colonies grown last night. Run a gel - DNA is visible!!!

Week Seven
Monday - Spec. mini-preps of new C0260 colonies. Run a restriction digest of the two most concentrated samples. Run a gel of the restriction digests. Extract digested part (with vestor backbone).
Tuesday - Ethanol precipatation of extracted parts (E0420 and C0260). Ligation of the two parts.
Wednesday - Transform ligation.
Thursday - Grew colonies for Mini-Prep.
Friday - Mini-prepped colonies from ligation transformation, did a resriction digest of the ligated parts, ran a gel of restriction digest (diagnostic).

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